Dairy giant pleads guilty to food-safety violations

92a4b26c3c05439590b73a4ce96c08a1Government officials earlier in the day filed charges accusing the world’s largest dairy exporter of processing and exporting products in a way that didn’t meet standards, and then failing to notify officials quickly enough when it became aware of the lapses.

Maury Leyland, a Fonterra manager, said the company immediately filed guilty pleas to all charges…

13 Dec 2014

Majority of Adults Need More Muscle Strengthening Exercise


If you want to age well and remain fully functional and independent, be sure this one exercise is part of your routine. Staying active and maintaining strong muscles becomes increasingly important as you get older to prevent chronic health problems and injuries from falls.

13 Dec 2014

Benefits Of Cashews

cashew-nutrition-factsNative to Brazil, cashews are crescent-shaped nuts with a sweet flavor and a plethora of uses in the kitchen. Considered third in consumption among all the tree nuts in the world, they’re great when mixed with raisins, dried cranberries, shredded coconut,

sunflower seeds, and other nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, to make a fantastic homemade trail mix.Cashew butter is a staple in many households around the world, and they’re a crunchy, delicious addition to any stir-fry…

13 Dec 2014

How Foundation Training Can Help You Maximize Strength and Freedom of Movement

hqdefault (6)I recently learned of Dr. Eric Goodman’s work through his TED presentation and was excited about the simplicity and elegance of his approach to exercise — an innovative method called Foundation Training, which he developed while in school to become a chiropractor to treat his own chronic low back pain.

He now teaches classes and seminars on this method — co-created with Peter Park, a world-class professional athlete trainer. Foundation Training exercises are designed to help your body be the strongest…

13 Dec 2014

Globalised diet threatens health and food security

76a14c4ce7f64edeb42be7a0a6186d1dIncreasing similarity in diets worldwide is a threat to health and food security with many people forsaking traditional crops such as cassava, sorghum or millet, according to an international study.

The report, which detailed for the first time the convergence in crops towards a universal diet in more than 150 nations…

12 Dec 2014

Smoking Is Major Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease


You can’t go wrong by ditching this habit that boosts Alzheimer’s risk by 45%. Besides dementia, it can cause heart attacks and stroke. Do you or a loved…

12 Dec 2014

Benefits Of Cauliflower

IMG_1784Cauliflower is one of many crucifers, including broccoli, cabbage, and kale, and is named for its cross-shaped stems. White, purple, green, or pale orange in color, it’s one of those amazingly versatile veggies that shows up raw on relish plates, sautéed in stir fries, pickled with baby onions, roasted on shish kabobs, and even processed to resemble mashed potatoes. It’s a good mixer with other cooked vegetables, such as carrots and broccoli.

When purchasing cauliflower, look for firm heads with no brown or soft yellow spots on the surface. Place heads…

12 Dec 2014